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Solverde Commitment

Solverde is firmly committed to promoting responsible gaming. Aware of its importance as a concessionaire of 5 Casinos in Portugal, Solverde has taken a positive and pedagogic position promoting an attitude of social responsibility regarding the practice of gambling.

Casinos Solverde are places for entertainment where gaming should be experienced solely as a form of leisure and entertainment.

In the majority of the cases, people gamble in a moderate and responsible manner but there is a minor percentage whose behaviour reveals difficulties associated to gaming.

Gamble in moderation, with responsibility and self-control of your capabilities. Gamble for fun.

Therefore, with the first signs of problem gaming stop gambling. If necessary, Casinos Solverde will provide a specialist for any support and guidance you may require.
Signs that indicate problem gaming

  • Conceal intentionally and systematically a gambling habit;
  • Personal and professional relationships at risk because of gambling;
  • Spend more time and money than can be afforded;
  • Obtain loans to support gaming frequency;
  • Insist on recovery of values resulting from gambling;
  • Consider or commit illegal actions to finance gambling;
  • Suffer sleep disturbances due to gambling;
  • Put at risk one’s physical integrity as a result of gambling results;
  • Choose to gamble as a solution to comply with financial obligations;
  • Come to the conclusion that you cannot reduce or stop gambling.

If you recognize any of these signs or identify them in any one that is close to you, you should consider that you may be confronting a gaming problem. There are a set of strategies that may help you overcome this situation.
Measures to control your gaming problem

If you consider the possibility of dealing with a gaming problem, put these measures into practice:

  • Stipulate an amount to spend and when this value has been reached do not play anymore;
  • Keep a record of all your gaming activity;
  • Establish time limits for gaming;
  • Use only your money and do not ask a third party for any.

The Director of Gaming Services and the Gaming Room Manager of Casinos Solverde are available to help you control your problem with gambling.

Self-exclusion is a confidential service foreseen in the Law, which is accessible to anyone who considers the possibility of having a gaming problem. If this is your case, contact the Service Director or the Gaming Room Manager, who will provide all the support you may need.