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  1. The purpose of the Solverde Privilege Club is to offer its members a range of products or services by means of a point system.
  2. Membership is free. On joining the member will receive a personalized card with an information booklet on how it can be used.
  3. Casinos Solverde reserve the right, at any moment and unilaterally, to proceed with any alterations they may deem necessary: consider the card no longer valid, suspend, modify or revoke any benefits thereof, as well as extinguish this club.
  4. If any of the situations described in paragraph c) are verified, the use of the earned points shall always be guaranteed, within a period previously established for this purpose.
  5. If changes arising from disciplinary action or abuse of the card does not apply to paragraphe d).


  1. The new Solverde Privilege Club card is more practical and offers more advantages.
  2. It shall be possible to use each card to accumulate points in two of the Casinos Solverde.
  3. At the time of registration the member defines which Casinos intends to associate with his/her card.


  1. Only clients over the age of 18 may become members.
  2. A member number shall be assigned to each player as well as a card with double magnetic stripe. The card is personal and non-transferable.
  3. To become a member an application form needs to be completed and handed in at the desk of the Solverde Privilege Club in any of the Casinos Solverde.
  4. Casinos Solverde reserve the right not to accept an application form whenever the latter is not duly filled in and signed by the member.
  5. Solverde guarantees that all member information shall be strictly confidential and not revealed to a third party, except when used for promotional purposes of Grupo Solverde. If the member does not wish to receive information of Grupo Solverde programs and promotions, he/she shall indicate this on the membership form with a tick in the appropriate place.


  1. The card with the double magnetic stripe assigned to each member of the Solverde Privilege Club shall be duly inserted into the card reader integrated in the slot machines for this purpose or made available the moment the chips are obtained at the Teller or the Game Tables.
  2. The correct position for insertion in the machines can be confirmed by each arrow on the face of the card, on either of the corners. For example: if the member is at Casino Espinho, he/she should insert the card with the arrow corresponding to Casino Espinho facing the front; if in Vilamoura, with the same card, facing the opposite direction, with the arrow indicating Casino Vilamoura.
  3. In case of the member insert the card incorrectly into the machine, information will appear on the display to warn him. In that case, the card only needs to be turned round and inserted again.
  4. With this card the holder may earn points whenever playing and with the same card correctly inserted in any machine in Casinos Solverde or when obtaining the chips at the Teller or the Game Tables.
  5. After card insertion into the slot of the reader mentioned in paragraph a), on the display, immediately above or on the side of the reader, should appear “BEM VINDO AOS CASINOS SOLVERDE” and, subsequently, the client identification. As soon as this is observed, the member may start playing and earning points which will be allocated automatically.
  6. Solverde shall not be responsible for any points not accumulated, always and whenever the procedures mentioned in paragraphs d) or e) are not observed or in the event of technical breakdown of the equipment. When buying the chips to play, the point allocation does not occur instantly and may take up to 48 hours.
  7. In the event of anomaly or failure in reading of card the member should inform any staff member of the Casino immediately.
  8. Whenever the card is damaged, lost or stolen the member should inform the Casino so that a new card may be issued, without loss of already earned points in the case of damaged card or of point total at the time of the communication in the case of loss or theft. The issue of a new card shall have an associated cost.
  9. A card which has not been used for a period of a year may be cancelled by Solverde Privilege Club, with the inherent forfeit of all associated benefits.


  1. The point allocation is directly related to the amounts played.
  2. The points earned will be automatically converted into Euros Solverde. The amount accumulated may be used exclusively for the purchase of goods and services within Grupo Solverde: Casinos and Hotels – from consumption in Bars and Restaurants, lodging in our hotels, shows and raffles in the Casinos, parking and other possible benefits that may be established.
  3. The products and services available may be altered at any moment. In case of a momentarily rupture of stock, we cannot guarantee the said product and we propose it is substituted by another product of equivalent value.
  4. Whenever the cardholder wishes, he/she may verify the total points accumulated in the appropriate machines by inserting the card in the reader or at any desk of the Solverde Privilege Club. The amount accumulated may only be checked at the Solverde Privilege Club desk.
  5. Whenever the member wishes to exchange the Euros Solverde accumulated on the card for goods or services he/she shall have to produce a document that proves his/her identity.
  6. Casinos Solverde may make adjustments to the amount of points due to breakdown or failure of the operating system and further to analysis of the client’s card, if such procedure is justified.
  7. Whenever a card is cancelled by the Casino, or due to the holder’s request the total points recorded on that card shall also be cancelled.
  8. The transfer of total points between cards is subject to prior approval by the Casino.
  9. The Privilege Club regulation requires each point accumulated in the card is valid for 14 months, since April 1st 2015.


  1. Any omission or doubt in the interpretation of these regulations shall be resolved by the Board of the Casinos Solverde, whose decision shall not be subject to appeal.
  2. When signing up members should indicate in the appropriate place, on the application form that they have full knowledge of the current regulations.